21.-24.8.2022 YL pedition to Katanpää fortress island in the Bothnian sea national park

Program and other information

  • On Sunday the 21.8.2022 at 11:00 we take a small bus to Kustavi where a boat picks us up around 12:30 and takes us to Katanpää in about 20 minutes by the sea.
  • On arrival to Katanpää we will have lunch at the harbour.
  • After lunch we settle in the “upseerintalo”, the army officer’s house, and set up the station.
  • Then for two days we will keep the transceiver hot and the station on-the-air and enjoy the beauty and the history of the Katanpää island. Look for more information at https://www.katanpaa.fi/?page_id=189 .
  • On Wednesday the 24.8.2022 after breakfast we will dismount the station, pack our packs, clean our mess, and head back to the harbour, where the boat will be waiting for us around 11:30. We will arrive to the hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace around 14:00 at the latest.
  • While in Katanpää, breakfast, lunch, coffee, and dinner will be provided.
  • Upseerintalo has running water, toilet and shower facilities. Sauna will also be available. For sleep, we will have shared accommodation. We all sleep in three rooms, some young and/or otherwise flexible YLs/OMs may need to sleep in the “balcony” or the “top” bed, hi!

Registration fee is to be determined later, when we know exactly the number of participants. The fee will include bus transfer from Turku to Kustavi, boat transfer from Kustavi to Katanpää, shared accommodation in Upseerintalo, all the meals in Katanpää, and of course, the return trip to Turku.